GOB-O-WORMS fly. 10/14/2007

    This fly has caused me noting but trouble since I started to use it in 1953.
    Back then there was no distinction between the different kinds of fishing. We usually had a fly outfit, a  spinning outfit, and a bait casting outfit.
    When we went fishing we took all of them and used what worked. Of course there was bait in the truck, and worms were seldom missing. And, of course, there were times when worms were not available and some of the fishermen from Ennis had a fly that they said would imitate a gob of worms.
    It was just a bunch of rubber bands tied on a hook and cast with a fly rod.
    We use that fly for years and it worked real good. When chenilles of the right size and color came along we used them too.
    Nowadays there is a bunch of different kinds of fishing and different flies and baits and such. Some people don't think that this is a fly and some do. Some people think it is unfair to catch a fish with worms of any kind. Some people just flog the shit out of fish and turn them back to die.
    I eat some fish and i want a fly that works. There is no official pattern or recipie for this fly. Just tie it to look like a gob of worms.